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I have studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Faculty of Science, University of Novi Sad – Department of Mathematics.

Working Summary

Since 2016 I have been worked in Senior/Lead WordPress developer positions and I am good at my job. I specialize in Elementor development platforms but also make good use of other development tools.

I have been in the IT industry for a very long time and making sites since the beginning of this millennium. Since 2013 I have been using WordPress and constantly working on improving my knowledge, as well as getting acquainted with new tools and approaches.

I create new sites, redesign the old ones and solve issues on the already existing ones.┬áIn recent years, I have gained experience with various types of websites – business sites, e-shops, rental sites, membership sites, online schools, blogs and presentations – with almost all common but also slightly less common customer needs.

Currently, I’m a freelance consultant and web developer. I work without intermediaries for end-users, and also like to collaborate with agencies and independent designers in their projects.

If you are interested in cooperating, please feel free to contact me.

Member of Elementor Experts Network

Obren Markov, Senior WordPress Developer and Elementor Expert

Since May 2021, I have been formally a member of the Elementor Experts. The Elementor Experts network is a worldwide group of web creators who present the best works, get hired, and hire fellow web designers, marketers, and developers.

Elementor Experts is an official network founded and operated by Elementor Ltd., as part of the overall Elementor service. Membership in this exclusive club guarantees the best service to the client, as well as the original and always up-to-date Elementor software installed on your site.

Envato Author

On the Envato/Themeforest platform, I publish my Elementor Templates Kits. This is the newest Themeforest section, which is still evolving and offers a completely different approach to the development of WP sites – a game-changing technology.

Envato is the world’s leading community and marketplace for creative assets and creative people. It is known for the high standards that need to be met in order to become an Envato author, which he publishes their store.

Why should I be your first choice for hire?

Quality of work
confirmed by the authority

I am an official Envato author and also a member of the Elementor Expert community. Envato is a world-leading online community for creative assets, tools, and talent, known for its strict criteria and detailed review of published works. Elementor Experts is an official network founded and operated by Elementor Ltd.

Rich experience
applied in practice

When you want a useful, functional and recognizable site, experience is not everything but it is very important. I have many years of experience not only in working with Elementor and WordPress, but also decades of experience in the IT industry in general. I know how to deal with a situation - because I've probably met it before.

Personal approach
and responsibility

Probably everything that needs to be done on your site - certainly the vast majority of the work - will be done by me personally. I will not delegate to a third party anything that I can personally do. Thanks to that, I can guarantee the highest quality of service.

Best value
for money

Price is important, we all know that. The price I will charge you, without intermediaries, is very likely noticeably lower than the offer you will get for the same job from a branded agency in your neighborhood. Contact me and check this!

Spring 2001
For the first time, I have received and completed a task of making a website
Spring 2001
Summer 2013

Left a nine-to-five job in the utility company’s IT sector, opted for freelancing and devoted to working in WordPress

Summer 2013
Spring 2016
I got a first remote job as a Senior WP developer
Spring 2016
Summer 2019
As a Lead developer in a newly established company, I have designed and led the company’s transition to the Elementor development platform
Summer 2019
May 2021

Became part of the official Elementor Experts network

May 2021
July 2021
I became an Envato author, after my first Elementor Template Kit (Urban Law) was accepted and published..
July 2021
… it continues …
Development of various sites using WordPress, most often based on the Elementor platform
… it continues …

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contact me: markovobren@gmail.com

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