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This article describes the easiest way to import WooCommerce products from a .csv file created for migration on another WordPress site – step-by-step, illustrated
Elementor is the most popular and powerful theme and page builder within WordPress. However, there is still no built-in support for customizing an event plugin, similar to how e-commerce (i.e. WooCommerce) customization is enabled. In this article, I will try to give the best solution to this problem.
Customizing the cart page has always been one of the more difficult tasks WordPress developers have faced. WooCommerce has always been a bit of a hostile platform if you would like to easily change the look of its pages and components. Here I present the way Elementor Pro recently eased this problem for us.

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Obren Markov, Senior WordPress Developer and Elementor Expert

Obren Markov is a WordPress developer and designer with many years of experience in this field and several dozen created websites behind him. He is an Elementor Professional and the author of Template sets, who creates sites for end-users. Also works with agencies and independent WP designers as a subcontractor on their projects.

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I’m Obren Markov, a senior WordPress developer, a qualified and university-educated IT professional accepted in Envato/ThemeForest as an Elementor template author and also in the Elementor Expert community.

I work directly for end users, but also for agencies and independent designers, complementing them in their projects.