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Team work
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Your clients don't have to know who works for them.
It is important that they get a quality product.

Personal or company sites

introduce yourself and/or your company to web users

Sites for individual product or item

present the individual product or artwork with quality

E-commerce sites

sell products online or create an online marketplace for multiple vendors

Membership sites

show the most important content only to registered members, with the possibility of charging a membership fee

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We will make a good mutual agreement about the appearance of your site, necessary functionalities, deadlines, material that needs to be procured, prices, and methods of payment. The goal is to do the job quality and to mutual satisfaction.

The job
will be well done

We will do as agreed. If during the work it turns out that something needs to be changed or that it can be done better - I will inform you about it.

Fundraising sites

present the value of your organization to the community and collect donations for its work

Online schools

create a system for online courses and learning and charge them as desired

Rental and booking sites

rent vehicles, accommodation, make a reservation system for your services...

Blogging sites

present your activity or views of the world by publishing articles about it

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Installed and configured plugins for caching and acceleration

Manually optimized images

Weekly automatic database backup on site backend

Keeping copies of messages sent via forms at the site database

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  • Database

Frequently asked questions

It would be good, but not necessary. If these materials are not available, I fill the site with Lorem Ipsum textual content and the best available free graphic content from the web. Of course, it is very important to know in advance the color combination that will be highlighted on the site – most often due to fit with the company’s trademark or trend in the business niche that the site covers. Of course, before putting the site into operation, it is necessary to have all the materials created and entered on the site.
That cannot be said in advance. Estimating the cost of creating a website directly depends on the scope, specifics and functionality that need to be built on the site. Like others, when determining the cost of creating a website, I also estimate the number of working hours required to create a website. Orientationally, the total price is usually about 50% of the average price charged for such work by smaller agencies in North America or the EU, and many times less than the amount charged by large agencies for the same job.
No. But if you want, I can give you a recommendation on where to rent server space.
All development, except in exceptional cases, is done on my DEV server. In the case of a redesign, this allows the existing site to be operational until it is time to replace the old site with a new one. Migration to your work server is done when we confirm that the development of the new site is completed and when the price of the job is fully paid.
No. I can certainly help you get everything you need, but I believe that the domain and all the licenses you need or want to get should be owned by the client, ie on your name. This is important for you to be the full and undisputed owner of it all after the site is up and running. Which means you need to make that purchase.

When you work with me, that is generally not true. I make most sites from scratch, which was called “making a theme” for you a few years ago. This is an advantage of my strategic orientations to use Elementor as a development sub-platform. This means that in that case, I have full control over the elements of the site, including the appearance of the header and footer.

These possibilities are sometimes limited by the inflexibility of plugins whose task is to enable the implementation of some specific functionalities on the site, or by choosing a very specific theme. But if that happens, you will be notified.

There is a possibility for this, but it is not implied. It depends on our agreement. An agreement on later maintenance is not a necessary condition for reaching an agreement on the development of the site. The job of creating the site ends the moment the site is uploaded to the working server, and you get access credentials. On the other hand, I can regularly monitor and maintain the site, and the price list for that depends on the nature of the site itself and its specifics.
Exclusively in writing – via the form on this site, via e-mails and/or via chat platforms.
I gladly accept to do my part as a subcontractor for agencies or independent designers, for projects and clients that are theirs. Various and flexible forms of cooperation are possible, so that the agreement suits all parties 🙂
Let’s build something great together.

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