Project Categories

Skills Used

Note: here are listed the projects in the creation of which I participated by doing most of the development work on them (as well as other jobs that I mentioned in specific cases) and which I consider representative of the work I do. This list partly contains projects in which I worked as an unsigned hired 3rd party contractor; also, some of the websites listed here may no longer be active.

About me

I am a WordPress developer and designer with many years of experience in this field and several dozen websites behind me. My particular area of expertise is Elementor. I’m the author of Elementor template kits and create websites for end users. Also, I work with agencies and independent WP designers as a subcontractor on their projects.

Basically about me

I’m Obren Markov, a senior WordPress developer, a qualified and university-educated IT professional accepted in Envato/ThemeForest as an Elementor template author and also in the Elementor Expert community.

I work directly for end users, but also for agencies and independent designers, complementing them in their projects.