A store with balanced custom functionalities

Protega is a site built from scratch, based on a prepared design. It represents a textbook example of a site that is outwardly simple, while in the background it hides a complex system of specific functionalities created especially for it and coordinated with each other. During development, I worked extensively with custom data types and custom fields, all with occasional manual coding of course. The obtained result significantly exceeds the usual WP limits.

The site is basically a multilingual WooCommerce shop-window, with significant extensions in the product presentation area and a customized Projects data type. A two-way connection between projects and products has been achieved, which enables website visitors to move, as well as advanced product selection and search. A special file system has been built in the backend, which allows supporting documentation in the form of .pdf files to be entered independently of the product, in a more-to-many relationship with the products (one product can have more than one document, and one document can be displayed on more than one product). On the frontend of the site, the corresponding documents are displayed and can be downloaded from the page of the individual product.

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Basically about me

I’m Obren Markov, a senior WordPress developer, a qualified and university-educated IT professional accepted in Envato/ThemeForest as an Elementor template author and also in the Elementor Expert community.

I work directly for end users, but also for agencies and independent designers, complementing them in their projects.