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From SquareSpace to WP/Elementor

Tom had his site on SquareSpace, but it outgrew his needs. Although he was satisfied with the basics of the design, he was not satisfied with the implementation. There was an obvious need for the addition of new content to be done automatically, without entering the already designed pages, and for the newly entered content not to disturb the existing appearance of the site.

Under the hood, there were a lot of other problems to solve. The site is mostly filled with records from his performances – video, audio, and articles on other sites. All those platforms (there are 3 of them for video alone) should have been combined into unique lists. While videos had to be displayed, if desired, directly within the list, textual records had to be opened in a new window by clicking on the featured image, etc., etc. I solved this with a relatively complex system of custom post types, custom post fields, and the capabilities of Elementor in creating loop segments. The basics of the design have been taken from the previous site, but the new design has been improved and made with more discipline in its appearance.

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Basically about me

I’m Obren Markov, a senior WordPress developer, a qualified and university-educated IT professional accepted in Envato/ThemeForest as an Elementor template author and also in the Elementor Expert community.

I work directly for end users, but also for agencies and independent designers, complementing them in their projects.